February 8 blood moon astrology

Gemini, you must stay on your toes because the lunar eclipse on the 20th January will not make things easier for you, and can elevate your stress and anxiety levels to dangerous heights.

November 12222

Breathing and relaxation exercised can help mitigate all the effects of the lunar eclipse, such as indecisiveness regarding your personal life and projects, in particular. Learning how to control your tension will be vital in your energies' ability to flow with that of the universe.

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

Your world will go a bit crazy because of this lunar eclipse, especially in financial terms. You will be entirely consumed by the desire to get more money, and your usual sweet demeanour will also change.

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You will be marked by feelings of jealousy and possessiveness, which won't sit very well with your significant other. Make the most of the planets' positioning to become more aware of your reality and the changes you need to make in your life, Cancer. You're already a pessimistic person, and now with this astral event, your feelings of negativity and resentment will come bubbling up without you being able to control them much.

Your tendency to control and dominate will also be heightened which might cause some tension between you and your loved ones. Try counting up to ten and reflect on your actions and words before you let anger dominate you.

Remember that confidence is critical in any good relationship. Rest assured, because those changes have little to do with your love life if you have a partner and more with that inner voice that you so often ignore. The super blood wolf moon will influence you to listen to your gut instinct more.

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A Solar Eclipse occurs on July 2, , at 10 degrees and 38 minutes of Cancer , affecting people born with personal planets and points at approximately 6 to 16 degrees of the Cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn most significantly. A Solar Eclipse occurs on December 26, , at 4 degrees and 7 minutes of Capricorn , affecting people born with personal planets and points at approximately 0 to 8 degrees of the Cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn most significantly.

See also: The Astrology of — Overview. Jupiter in Sagittarius Faith, optimism, and a yearning to explore all kinds of new horizons: these are some of the focal points in your life at this time. Travel, education, and other ways to stretch your horizons open new doors of opportunity. Religious, philosophical, and cultural matters are likely to have special appeal for you now; transmitting ideas on a broader scale brings gain. Creating a structure to empower and maintain your ideals and principles becomes a high priority, an article of faith. By taking on greater responsibilities of this kind, you become an inspiration to others.


What This Weekend's Super Blood Wolf Moon Means For You

Ambition unlimited always ends in defeat. Saturn in Capricorn Responsibility, hard work, ambition, and achievement: these are the foundations you need to build on now, as a new cycle dawns in your life.

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And yet, there is a tendency to be a little too hard, perhaps a bit cold, in your approach to these things. Uranus in Aries A clean break with the past in some respects is signaled by the cycle you have just begun.

Astrological Significance of the Eclipses

What YOU need, YOUR freedom and independence, shattering old molds: these are the things that energize you and take priority in your life. Uniqueness and originality set you apart. Uranus in Taurus Practicality and ingenuity combine as powerful drives in your life now that you have begun a new cycle. Taking innovative concepts and making them real and practical is your strong suit; getting stuck in the mud is to be avoided at all costs.

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Financial savvy, inventiveness, worldly genius. The fine arts and all manner of fantasies assume a larger-than-life importance. Surrendering to fate, karma, and other powers greater than merely mortal may be seen as the ultimate liberation. If all is maya illusion , what is the reality that gives rise to the world of appearances? Ambition, responsibility, a place for everyone and everyone in their place….