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Mathematically, the base is kind of like the language you choose to write your numbers in. You can choose base 10, or decimal, and be just like the other sheeple humans who inhabit your society, or you can branch out. Binary base 2 and hexadecimal base 16 are popular options due to their utility in computing, but you can pick any number you want. In fact, you don't even have to choose a whole number , but we'll just think about whole numbers today. No matter what number you pick as a base, you can write numbers using the same basic idea: place value.

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The furthest right place represents ones, the next place to the left represents the base, the next place is the base squared, and so on. An example is worth a thousand explanations. In base 10, the number means 3 ones, 1 ten, and 5 one-hundreds 10 2 s. The number does not appear in binary because binary only uses the digits 0 and 1. Without any indication to the contrary, we always assume numbers are written in base 10, but why should a birthday cake have to conform to this rigid custom anyway?

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No muss, no fuss. But—and perhaps this is my decimal bias showing—10 looks so juvenile. You could pick a larger number that starts with a 1. But 18 and 19 still feel a bit young. Instead, I decided to go with 25 for my birthday candles this year. Using a 2 instead of a 1 as the first digit complicates things a bit, but 25 looks good to me.

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