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You are trying to escape the routine, dull, and ordinary aspects of your life. You try to find new things that will make your life more exciting and stimulating.

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But with every effort of this kind, circumstances, duties, and obligations seem to hold you back and keep you stuck in an oppressive situation. You may get to a point where the pressure is unbearable, and then you will make a sudden break for freedom. You may suddenly leave a relationship, an oppressive job, or your place of residence, without warning anyone. Crazy times ahead for the 13th sign. But you'll be in good company, as these famous folks also fall under the spell of the serpent:.

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  • So, what kind of creature is Ophiuchus? The illustrations that have emerged old prints from shortly after the time of Gutenberg, it seems portray some sort of heavily muscled person holding on with difficulty to a veritable anaconda in the sky.

    There are various myths attached to the constellation. A third I have come up with on my own. The first is that of Asklepios in Latin, Aesculapius, which has somehow become acceptable in English as Asclepius , who was, as the old Greek stories often go, the offspring of a tragic match.

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    • His mother, impregnated by the god Apollo, started a dalliance with someone else. The poor woman was set on fire and her child ripped from her womb Asklepios etymologically meaning "to be cut out".

      Serpentarius daily horoscope

      The infant was given over to be raised by the good and wise centaur Chiron. He grew to be wise himself, able to cure the sick and raise the dead. The serpent, already a symbol of wisdom and its goddess Athena, was associated with Asklepios' rejuvenating skills because it could renew itself, becoming "young" again by shedding its old skin. But the fates and the gods did not like the idea of a human with the ability to grant other humans the gift of eternal life.

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      So Zeus struck him dead with a thunderbolt. Because he warned his fellow citizens of Troy not to let into their walled citadel the giant wooden horse left behind by the Greeks. The goddess Athena she of the snakes sent enormous serpents to strangle and kill the priest and his sons. Others believe an Ophiuchus is curious, passionate, and hungry for knowledge, which might explain why some of you are here searching for this very information.

      Ophiuchus daily astrology

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      What is Ophiuchus? Standard astrological zodiacs do not include Ophiuchus. What personality traits might be linked to Ophiuchus? Popular Now.

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